Quick-Copy Bookmarklets for the Shortcut Bar

When testing websites, and for other repetitive tasks it is sometimes nice to have some easily paste-able data. For instance, maybe you are filling out some kind of form and you are going to have to enter the same name, … Continue reading

Ultra-simple Python 2.x CGI URL Shortener on an Apache server

Bit.ly and other URL shorteners make it easy to share a long URL in a short package. Maybe you want to be able to share URLs in the same way using your own domain name. Here are three simple snippets … Continue reading

Steve The Ugly Toad

A little book I wrote for my kids a few years ago. Dealing with difficult themes like self-image, bullying,┬áreconciliation, and the “sister wound”,┬áthis early-reader coming-of-age story is sure to delight and amuse your children while teaching them valuable life lessons. … Continue reading